Friday, November 5, 2010

Utilizing Free Conference Calling for Internal Communication

In today's highly competitive business landscape, the ability to immediately react to market changes and provide a shorter time-to-market for products can be a major factor for success. Conference calling systems can provide an essential tool for companies to enhance internal communications and create a more efficient workflow.

Depending on a company's particular requirements, a free conferencing service can provide a more effective option compared to VoIP or Internet-based voice conference systems. Although IP-based systems are accessible and affordable, the service largely depends on the available bandwidth. Callers with limited connection speeds will most likely experience technical issues that may get in the way of having a smooth, trouble-free discussion.

Call clarity is essential when holding business meetings, whether individually, or with other participants. Attendees should be able to understand everything that transpires within the discussion in order to avoid miscommunication. Voice lag and sudden call termination are a fairly common occurrence during IP-based calls, which could prevent participants from receiving the information they need to complete their tasks. This is where conference calls using standard telephone lines have an edge over VoIP.

Telephone conferencing over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) can deliver higher quality audio compared to VoIP, especially if the conference call provider utilizes an all-digital network of voice routers.

Holding conferences for internal, external, or for both, purposes will be easier when utilizing free conference call services equipped with the right features built to maximize any company's conferencing experience. With cost-effective, high quality conference calling solutions, organizations can enhance efficiency and create a more productive workplace.


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