Friday, November 5, 2010

How Conference Calling Companies Are Changing the Business Landscape

Conference calling companies have revolutionized the business landscape. Now, business partners, associates, and customers can interact with each other without the travel expenses. Equipped with Web-based tools to manage the call, conferencing services can gather people from multiple locations across the world. Once the call is set-up, participants can communicate real-time and, through Web-based applications, may even give PowerPoint presentations or share files.

Businesses commonly employ the services of a specialized provider that maintains the conference bridge. Outsourced conference services have experienced and skilled people to ensure reliable a connection from all points on the globe. Outsourcing preserves the communication line in the office while reducing the costs.

From small to large corporations, online conferencing services are gaining ground. Conference calling services have evolved many types to suit the needs of businesses.

Audio Conferencing
This type of service is one of the most widely-used by businesses because of its cost-effectiveness. All that's needed to set up an audio conference is usually already provided for in the office: A computer, a speakerphone, a headset, a television and an Internet connection. After dialing a unique telephone number from the provider, participants can hear each other as if they were in a single room.

Web Conferencing
Web conferencing is the newest tool in one-to-many communication. This allows participants to instantly share files, presentations, visual aids and text messages through the Internet. It has all the benefits of audio and video conferencing along with some advantages from Web-based applications.

Conference calling companies can provide business with the communication service that will suit their needs.


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