Friday, November 5, 2010

What is the Mobile Phone Conference Calling Feature?

Mobile phone conference calling is a way for a person to speak to two or more people at a time, all on a single line. Also known as "3-way calling", conference calling on a mobile has been heralded by teenagers all over the world as the single greatest advancement in telephone technology since the advent of multiple lines.

By putting your call on hold and dialling out to another number, multiple extra contacts can be added to a call, allowing everyone on the phones line to talk at once. Depending on the phone plan, the multiple could be as little as three or could encompass many different people in many different places.

Originally intended as a way for businesses to contact multiple people simultaneously as in a board room conference, allowing meetings to be held with different people all over the world, mobile conference calling has found a comfortable second home as a hugely popular service for younger people.

A great way for friends and family to get together and all talk together, you can see why many companies such as ALLTEL, or companies such as Liberty Wireless and their competitors over at Tracfone offer either free conference calling or reduced rates on their mobile phone plans.

Anyone interested in making use of conference calling should be forewarned, however, that some companies advertising free conference calling or 3-way calling may still make the user pay for activated minutes, meaning that though technically the service is free, one or all of the people involved in the mobile call may end up paying extra due to the amount of minutes used.

Some phone contracts can even charge you for up to twice the minute airtime for each person connected to the conference call!


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