Friday, November 5, 2010

New York Workers Compensation Claim Guide

People injured at workplace can avail benefits of workers comp claim by informing their employer about the injuries. Every state in the U.S has its own Statute of Limitations so one has to inform the employer within a certain time limit in order to receive benefits. The information should include the level of injuries sustained, cause of the injury and some other details associated with the injury claim. One also has to file for a worker's claim through insurance company or the State.

Workers Comp Law gives justice to the victims of personal injury/accident at place of work. The procedure is very complicated. In many cases the employers ignore safety regulations at workplaces causing serious injuries to the employees. Many employers' insurance company employ aggressive defense lawyer whose may motive is to nullify or reduce the claim regardless of the injuries suffered.

Methods to prove the claim are:

1. Acquire a medical report from a medical practitioner.
2. Contact a lawyer who specializes in workers compensation.
3. Appeal the case to the State's workers' compensation agency as different states have different rules and regulations regarding workers compensation law.

Appealing the claim to the state agency

In case the insurance claim gets denied or reduced by the employer's insurance company then you have the right to appeal. File the case with the local State agency who would handle the workers compensation appeal. Every state has a different Statute of Limitations. So, appeal your claim within a certain time limit in the state you fall in. Always appeal immediately after the claim is denied by the employer's insurance company.

Would there be a hearing on the appeal?

Hearing is required if you and your employer are unable to settle the claim. Hence, contact a worker's comp lawyer to do the needful. If you are injured within New York City then you must contact your Lawyer who will help you receive justice and compensation for your injuries.


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