Friday, November 5, 2010

Life Insurance Sales Techniques to Double Your Policy Sales

Selling life insurance policies can be great. After all when you look at the real "need" of insurance it is inevitable that someone will have to use this type of policy. The same can't be said of other policies. Everyone will at some point be able to "cash in" their life insurance simply because no on lives forever!

Despite it being applicable to everyone it's not always the easiest type of insurance to sell. Regardless of economic conditions people seem to want to cheat death. They say they aren't old enough to need it. Others may say they don't want to bet on themselves dying. There are countless reasons that prospects avoid investing in life insurance. Sadly most traditional life insurance sales techniques send the agent in the wrong direction.

Most techniques tell agents to preach the benefits of the policy. Other techniques may tell you that you should scare your prospect and make them feel uncomfortable. Tell them the horror stories of people who lost loved ones far too early. While some of the old techniques may get you a policy or two weekly it will still leave you stuck in survival mode.

To be on the path to a seven figure net income selling life insurance policies I invite you to consider the following techniques.

* Why should someone use you? - There are 1,000's of life insurance agents in your local area, what makes you different? You better not answer with "great service" or "honest". How can you save people time and money by them calling you? When you can answer that question in less than 10 seconds you will have a marketing message that you can use on all of your marketing.
* Stop Selling - People don't like to be sold to. Stop selling them on the benefits of life insurance. Instead of having scripts that are statements, consider transforming your scripts into interest piquing questions. Interest piquing questions will get the prospect looking to you for more help. The questions will have the prospect identifying you as the expert, not as a "sales person".
* Daily Marketing - To start selling more policies identify 1 marketing system that you can put into action. Not advertising where you throw your money and hope, but marketing where you can track leads and how well they convert. A single marketing system could be good for a few policies a week. Decide on 1 and put it into action.

To get on the path to doubling your life insurance policy sales means putting simple techniques of a marketing message, interest piquing questions, and daily marketing into action. Put just these 3 into your business and watch your business grow.

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